Theme 5: Tree Narratives and Photo elicitation

Joanna Dean (2015:162) states that: “We like to tell stories about city trees. The stories shape our thinking, but more materially they shape our management of the trees. The meanings we find in these stories influence the choices we make when we plant trees in the city, they alter the ways that we trim and control the trees, and, finally, they inform our decisions to fell them”. The week’s theme was based on exploring the tree narratives that the students and their interviewees had. In order to generate feelings and memories in the interviewees’ stories of trees, the interviews were conducted with photo elicitation.

A selection of the students’ blogs can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Zerista Badenhorst

Amelia Daubermann

Sarah Coppings

Jessica Dewes

Shannon du Plooy

Elizabeth Forssman

Wesley Human

Keina Jooste

Mariska le Roux

Marissa le Roux

Kelly Liebenberg

Caitlyn Lynch

Bonolo Meso

Ingrid Millwood

Kutlwano Mokgojwa

Danielle Oosthuizen

Jessie Palmer

Holly Perrett

Carla Pretorius

Keegan Rothman

Kimberley Spence

Coral Taylor

Natasha Thompson

Tina van der Breggen


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