Theme 3: Companion Species

In this theme, the students were required to submit a photo essay based on Donna Haraway’s concept of ‘companion species’. They were tasked to identify four stories / narratives from friends or family members that highlight pet-human relations. The stories were to focus on accounts of kinship, friendship, affinities and emotional connectedness to domestic pets.

A selection of the students’ blogs can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Zerista Badenhorst

Teresa Bestbier

Megan Booysen

Joandre Botha

Amy Carrington

Denel Chetty

Sarah Coppings

Shevon Deetlefs

Jessica Dewes

Gideon du Plessis

Wesley Human

Tegan Kelly

Anushka Kempken

Mariska le Roux

Robyn McLeod

Kutlwano Mokgojwa

Jana Muller

Renate Myburg

Jessie Palmer

Carla Pretorius

Keegan Rothman

Samantha Sabatelli

Kimberley Anne Spence

Suzanne Van den Heever

Tina van der Breggen

Bianca van Staden

Kara Verster


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